Wednesday, August 14

Big Rat Drops From Ceiling Onto Customer’s Menu at Buffalo Wild Wings in Westchester

An unwelcome surprise dropped onto a woman’s table at a Buffalo Wild Wings in the Westchester area of Los Angeles the other day — a live rat dropped from the ceiling onto her table.

Alisha Norman says the manager claims construction is to blame.

“I knew the rat was going to be injured because it hit like a Mack truck,” she said.

Norman says she hadn’t even ordered when she heard something overhead.

“You could hear something come down,” she said. Norman, on vacation from Texas, says she requested a manager who came over to help, with two plates in his hands.

“He took two plates and then they just picked it up and dumped it in a bag,” she said. “It was terrible. It was disgusting.”

She’s not angry. She says the manager took care of her bill, to compensate for the lunchtime fallout.

Source: NBCChicago

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